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Announcing the newly launched product offering from Dekker Consulting, Automish. Perfect for GMs and Internet sales consultants who are looking for an out of the box solution for their car dealership. 

Systemize Your Google Ads
Reclaim Market-Share From Aggregators
Automation Tools and Scripts for Auto Dealers

Your Benefits

Dekker Consulting® Services partner with clients across North America to transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent digital marketing operations.

Plan, pilot and scale

Scale automation to rapidly create resilience and flexibility across your business workflows.

Supplement your team

Improve business continuity and efficiency with automated digital labor.

Modernize operations

Use sequence processes that are more predictive, adaptive, and automated with real-time data.

Luxury Auto Dealer

Increasing Revenue

Back Story

A luxury auto dealership located in Dallas-Fort Worth was looking to gain new business through current and potential new customers. The dealer turned to our powerful account architecture to help drive customer acquisition.

Attributable Results

  • $1.3M Revenue
  • 180 Cars Sold

Michigan Auto Group

Reclaiming Market Share

Back Story

An auto group in Michigan was looking to gain new business for two dealerships— Detroit Buick GMC and Detroit Subaru— solely through new customers. The auto dealer turned to our automation tools and scripts to achieve their goal.

Attributable Results

  • 140 Auto Sales
  • 560 Leads

Pep Dekker

Meet the Founder

Pep's mission has been to help small and medium-sized businesses scale up their marketing and sales through automation.

To help build a stronger business.

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We have worked with some amazing companies around the world

“Ambitious advertising leader with best in class experimentation and optimization. He cares about the problems our Enterprise customer is trying to solve, resulting in positive performance marketing growth and engagement that matters.”

Carmella Fortin

SVP of Enterprise Demand Gen, SU.org

“Dekker is friendly, intelligent, and great at what they do for us. We got some great improvements on our AdWords and landing pages thanks to his guidance and implementation. The pipeline is full for years to come.”

Joe Parker

Director of Digital, Stanley Black & Decker

“Amazing and communicative. Dekker is an expert on automotive lead generation, they analyzed our client's campaigns, gave me advice and excellent tips on how to increase the conversion rates. I will continue to retain this outstanding expert. Thank you!”

Kathleen Roughan

Lead Digital Account Manager, Automotive Dealers Inc.

“Deployment of these accelerated tools using specific automation strategies that align with our quarterly figures has been a great investment.”

Bill Hawkins

Senior Sales Director, Los Angeles

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